Please Support Our Work (Buy The Book)

I have to share this.
It applies to writers and I think,digital artists, as well.
#SupportArtists #BUYTheBook #BUYTheArt


Christine Feehan’s thread regarding piracy of an Author’s work:

Hi Everyone, I’ve been trying to keep my head down writing six books a year for everyone and occasionally hitting here and Goodreads and my facebook to post but I heard there was a few people posting about getting books free from sites. These sites are making MILLIONS for the people who put them up. They are driving the authors out of business. Do you really think an author can live on books sold for free or 99 cents? they can’t possibly make a living. If you’ve noticed some of your favorites no longer writing that’s why. I’ve struggled to make ends meet believe it or not. Why do you think I’m writing more books per year? The industry is shaky right now. Why? Because pirate sites are everywhere. I’ve never had people blatantly advertise them in my community. They’ve always immediately pointed out to others that if you don’t support your authors they disappear and people, they do. Why would we keep keep writing and working other jobs to pay our bills? We do have bills just like everyone else. There are very few authors that get paid like one sees in the movies. That’s a myth. I’ve yet to be offered a car (‘m still waiting for that). We get a small percentage of each book sold. That isn’t a large percentage. it’s a small one. We have to pay for marketing as a rule and all promo as a rule. All travel as a rule. All those parties at conventions as a rule. Authors struggle to make ends meet. We write because we love it and we want to share that passion with others. Every single book that is stolen and it is stealing to go to these sites and take them free is slowing killing our careers. We get our next contract by our sales. If the publisher doesn’t see that anyone is reading us, they offer less and less until finally its impossible to continue writing. That’s the reason we ask all of you to avoid these sites and educate everyone to support your favorite authors by purchasing the book. If you can’t buy it, then at least use your local library. They purchase the book. So please, here on my site, don’t advertise pirate sites. I don’t mind in the least if any of you want to share this post on any of the other boards on this site. It’s silly to think that piracy is a victimless crime because it isn’t. Those authors you say you love to read are the very ones you’re hurting.
Posted July 19, 2019 at 9:45 am

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