Saturday Random Pics

I decided each Saturday, I’ll throw up a few pics I’ve taken and include the story or date/place that goes with them. All photographs, unless otherwise noted, were taken by me. Today’s theme – Wandering.

Taken on the shore of the Atlantic, my first time at this particular ocean. – Rhode Island 2012
My daughter, Blue, at the end of this moody day pic. Taken at the Wichita Wildlife Reserve in Oklahoma. (Our backyard)
New York City, New York – 2016. I flew my daughter over 2,000 miles to attend prom with her then girl-friend. It was a stellar trip save for one visit to the ER. (Mine – I got drunk on Sangria, fell off the boundary wall around Prospect Park and broke my arm. Ha.)
The wall upon which I sat and promptly fell off onto the other side (about a 5 foot drop) and broke my arm. Awkward and tipsy do not mix.) Prospect Park, Brooklyn, New York. 2016
The long, empty drive to Roswell, NM. We were road-tripping to find aliens well before it became a thing.
Aliens – They’re real and I’ve seen them! (Not Me)
Misquamicut State Beach – Rhode Island, 2017. This time, the kid came along. The ocean truly is where I feel most at peace, where all the endlessly running thoughts in my head quiet for a time. This was right round sunset and just ethereal.

2 thoughts on “Saturday Random Pics

    1. I’m sorry, Joanne, if you were expecting older ones. Maybe next time? They’re all just for fun. I appreciate you having a look, though. Have a great new week ahead. – H


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