Saturday Random Pics #2

Just a random selection of pictures I’ve taken over the years (unless otherwise noted). They may be old, new, great, not so good. Who knows. This week, I think I’ll feature the furry monsters in our lives. Enjoy!


Christmas was found in a tire well in a Wal-Mart parking lot during a terrible ice storm. I’d gone out to get my young daughter some cough medicine and heard this pitiful cry just before getting back into my car. She was only about 8 weeks old and shivering wildly. I couldn’t leave without her. That was Christmas week, almost 14 years ago.
She is in the beginning stages of dementia and gets lost from one room to the next, and she can’t be bothered to do more than sleep and growl at the boys, but she’s still super healthy and just as pretty as always.

Christmas is also a mainecoon mix, as you can see by her glorious coat. The kid and I have always called her “Calendar Cat.”


Rescued from wildfires, a puny little 5-pound kitten became a huge 22-pound stunner. He’s a true lover and has the tiniest voice. He’s never met a stranger and we’d be lost without him.
Yep, this big boy walks on a leash. Like most mainecoon (he is a mix), he is more dog than cat.
That tail though!

Yes, that’s our fluffy panther’s paw!


The baby of the family, Coyote came to us at just 3-weeks-old, becoming a bottle-baby we couldn’t turn away. From every two-hour feedings to the aloof, independent 15-month-old boy he is today, it has been a non-stop adventure.
Coyote is plush like a teddy-bear, and we’d love to snuggle him up. But, this boy is plagued with anxiety and personal space issue. After a year, we are just now able to pet him without feeling the full force of his vicious snake-strike bites! Yikes. He’s even seeking us out now to curl and sleep – as long as we pretend he isn’t there. He’s funny and chatty and throws hilarious fits, and bitey or no, he’s stuck with us.
We didn’t think it was possible, but this handsome lad is now Bigger than Avery! We grow the boys big down here in Tornado Alley. Look at that face, you can see he’s counting seconds until release! #WeJustWantToLoveYou

I’ve been booping his nose since he was tiny. Now, if he sees my fingertip, he lifts his nose for the boop. So cute.

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