About Heather

Thank you for clicking to learn a little more about me.

Writer by nature and passion. Slightly awkward, fantastically mental, day-dreamy kind of woman.

I wrote my first story in third grade. My teacher took me around to each class to read it. I did that several more times that year, and was hooked as a story-teller.

Over the years, life has gotten in the way. The draw of the club scene, the wild years of drink, dance, sleep, work, drink, dance, etc… ruled for my early and mid-twenties.

Then, I had a baby, left an abusive relationship, and time to write fell away to raising a special needs child, repairing a broken internal self, fighting anxieties that shouted at me that I could never make it as a writer.

Suddenly, it’s twenty years later and here I am. I still feel as if my nose is pressed against the window, and I’m looking in on all the other writers who have the (real) talent. But, I’m ready to believe everyone who says, “Damn, this is good.”

I don’t have a niche. I love what I love. I love writing about dystopian futures. I love writing speculative sci-fi, and historical romance, and new adult fantasy fic. I love it all. I LOVE telling stories.

So, come on along with my awkward self and let’s see where this thing goes…


My First Book!

MYRIDDIA is a little piece of my soul. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.



Thank you http://www.TheChoiGroup.com for a fantastic new cover!